Information about Hobby Enthusiasts

How it works

How it works

Here you can find information about how Hobby Enthusiasts works.

What are we?
Saber Hub is a community based off of peoples hobbies. People are able to list their services along with items! 

Post a Listing
You will be able to select a quantity of items along with all the details of the items.  You will also be able to attach images, a description, shipping fees, and more. 

Local Pickups
We approve of  local pickups to cut down on shipping fees, this is an option through our site. You can set your location through our site. We do not display or know your exact location, it will show a circle in proximity.

Hobby Enthusiasts charges a 5% transaction fee to the seller once a sale is made, paypal and stripe also charges a fee. You are able to in your listing add a “Additional Item” which can be the PayPal fee. You must add this before the sale is made.